Protection & Will Planning

Galileo Wealth has a number of partnerships with leading providers of international protection plans. We offer a range of straightforward, affordable and easily renewable plans agile enough to take with you as you move. Our products consist of:

●     Global Life Plan with Optional Accident Benefit
●     International Health Insurance
●     Global Expat Income Protection Plans
●     Global Insurance for Businesses

Protection & Will Planning


Life Cover and Optional Accident Benefit

Securing life cover for you and your family while you’re living and working overseas is advisable. You may find that your regular life insurance doesn’t extend to life overseas or, it may prove that premiums for this particular cover are extortionate. Our competitively priced, fully international plans cover you in most countries, whilst you’re travelling and when you return home, or if you move to a new country.

Also, with our life insurance plans, if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness that reduces your life expectancy to twelve months or less, they will pay your life benefit early and directly to you. Giving you the freedom and peace of mind to manage your estate during your lifetime and take pleasure in the valuable time you have left with friends and family.

We understand that making plans for terminal illness isn’t something that any of us want to do. Still, we also know that a terminal diagnosis puts families through unimaginable pain and enormous pressure. To help cover the financial responsibilities during such troubling times can considerably help to ease the anguish and turmoil you and your family will face. Galileo Wealth can help you manage your life benefit and personal affairs going some-way toward relieving some of the burdens.

The plans provide financial security for your family in the event of your death by injury or illness. With the accident benefit, you also have the choice to increase your level of cover concerning death by accident. Should you survive an accident but suffer life-changing or limb-threatening injuries, you will be paid a percentage of your accident benefit, directly to you.

Once you’ve made the vital decision to arrange life cover, we will get your cover underwritten and in force without delay. Furthermore, if you are under 50, in good health, and are seeking a life benefit of less than US$750,000, arranging cover is usually as straightforward as completing a simple application form! However, should you be required to undertake a medical examination, you’ll be free to visit any western-qualified medical doctor local to you, and we will reimburse any reasonable and customary costs once your cover is in force.

We want to ensure we get the best cover for you. To discuss your Life Cover requirements call us on +44 (0) 7875 685645.

International Health Insurance

We also provide health insurance to people living and working overseas! And as our clients are at the heart of everything we do, we ensure our plans put you in charge of your health, with cover for the latest medical treatments and freedom to access private healthcare treatment around the world. We work with you to help you choose the right health plan and take charge of your healthcare. Ensuring you are looked after and able to return home healthy and quickly should you require medical treatment.

To discuss your core International Health Insurance plan call us on +44 (0) 7875 685645


Global Expat Income Protection Plans

Specifically designed global Income Protection cover allows Expats to safeguard their lifestyle, in the event of incapacity to work due to an illness or injury. Not only do our plans ensure that you are in charge we make sure it’s easy to apply, and should the worst happen, you’ll have a dedicated advisor to handle your claim. You will always get quick and honest answers, and the cover is portable so it can follow you almost anywhere in the world.

To discuss global Expat Income Protection cover call us on +44 (0) 7875 685645

Global Insurance Plans for businesses

We can also offer business plans to companies with three employees or more! Ensuring your employees get the most out of living overseas. Explore how our group health, life and income protection could help you get the right employee benefits for your business and a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent.

To discuss Global Insurance for Businesses cover call us on +44 (0) 7875 685645


One of the most overlooked but essential documents to write when living, or planning to live abroad is your Will, which is probably the last thing on your mind when making that transition.

A Will lets everyone know what you want to happen to your property, money, and all your other possessions after you die.

For a person domiciled in England and Wales, if you haven’t written a Will, the ‘Intestacy Rules’ decide how you divide your estate amongst your relations, which may not have the desired result. In some circumstances, these preventable situations can leave a loved one (including a life partner) disinherited and burden survivors.

For expats, this situation can be worse, mainly where local laws and taxes apply.


Here are seven reasons why you, as an expat, should let Galileo Wealth introduce you to a suitable Will writer.

1. Moving Abroad

Probably not the issue foremost in your mind as you wave goodbye to your dear friends at the airport to embark on a new life in a new country. However, the move can affect some of the estate planning you already have in place. In some circumstances, this means changing your current Will and having two, one for your new country of residence and one for your country of origin.

A new country will often take much getting used to, having all your finances in place – including making a Will – before going, is likely to take the stress out of those first few months and let you enjoy yourself in your new life.

2. Guardians

Often, you can use the Law of your nationality, and under the Law of England and Wales, this would mean making sure you have named Guardians in your Will should the worst happen. Have you thought about who will look after your children if something happens to you? It is the ultimate question for all parents! When you make a Will, you can name those whom you want to become Legal Guardians to your children. However, when living in a new country of residence, you may wish to be extra careful and name Interim Guardians. Law’s on Guardianship in other countries may differ from your country of origin, so understanding what is required is essential.

3. Executors

An executor is a person you name in your Will who deals with the administration of your estate – i.e. all your belongings. Usually, ‘couples’ will assign each other as Executor, however, when that ‘couple’ resides overseas, and most of their assets are in their original country, it may be best for alternative Executors to be named; the spouse and a friend or family member based in the country of origin.

Every country is different and, sometimes, the surviving spouse has to stay to organise ‘affairs’, so having someone beginning the process in the country of origin, is an excellent idea.

4. Tax

The only guarantee in life is death and taxes, so they say. In some jurisdictions, the tax will be due on the assets held there and, in the country of origin. Knowing how to write your Will so to ensure that minimal tax is payable by the surviving family is essential.

5. Company Benefits

Has your new firm given you share options? Do you know what happens to those shares should you die? When do those shares ‘Vest’? Finding out this information and dealing with assets in your Will or via a Trust, can save tremendously.

The same is valid for death in service payments or end of service awards. A Trust either within your Will or set up during life can allow the beneficiaries to have access to the funds but still provide flexibility as well as control.

6. Marriage

Under section 18 of the Wills Act 1837, when you get married (or enter into a Civil Partnership) your Will is revoked. Therefore, if you had a Will before you were married, but have just said ‘I do’, you won’t have one now! If you wish to make your Will before your big day, a clause in anticipation of your marriage can easily overcome this.

If you plan to marry in your new country, you may find that there is a marital property regime in place. This regime can dictate how assets in your estate are divided. When writing your Wills, consider matrimonial property regimes and be aware that in some countries, they will not be affected.

7. Buying property

If you intend to buy property abroad, you should know if the country where you are buying has any forced heirship rules regarding the property. These rules may mean issues that you were not expecting and that the best option is to have a Will in two countries. However, these Wills need to work together to ensure there is no conflict of Law.

The EU Succession Regulation allows you to use the Law of your habitual residence or the Law of your nationality, which can over-ride forced heirship rules. However, this is not always the case. Considered advice and careful Will-drafting are required to make sure there are no unpleasant surprise outcomes.

The laws around cross-border estates are complicated, compared to a 3D chess game. So, if some of the above are of concern to you, and you do not have a Will in place, the best option is to take advice. No-one expects the worst to happen and, usually, we all live long and healthy lives. In the main, people write Wills, not because they think they are about to die, but to have peace of mind.

Whatever the cover you require we want to ensure we get the best for you.
To talk through our plans and add-ons get in contact, and we will be happy to help you!