Galileo Wealth offers a boutique financial advisory service with the added benefit of being backed by one of the strongest networks in the offshore advice marketplace. Giving our clients the advantage of one to one service and administration with the added regulatory and compliance framework of the OpesFidelio Group. Our fee package is 100% bespoke and the most competitive in the offshore marketplace.

Specialising in wealth accumulation and retirement management for the international and expatriate market, we offer a full holistic financial planning service that also encompasses protection, succession planning, currency management, as well as our core work in saving, investing and pension performance.



  • Help our clients make informed financial decisions.
  • Put them at the front and centre of the financial planning process.
  • Offer them bespoke solutions tailored to their exact specification.
  • Set them on the road to a more prosperous financial future, wherever they choose to live. So whether they are retiring abroad or are employed overseas, we remove the complexity around your money management.
  • Enable them to save towards their goals, and protect them against the unexpected events that life often delivers.
  • Offer a transparent and adaptable fee structure. We aim to provide the best value service for international financial planning needs.

Feel free to contact a financial advisor to discuss your unique position and the options available to you.


  • To deliver the highest quality financial advice and service.
  • Provide empathy and a personal approach that forms a level of trust between Galileo Wealth and our clients.
  • To develop a long term partnership with our clients to maximise their outcomes. Please view these testimonials from some of our existing clients.

Furthermore, our biographies below will help you understand a little bit more about the team who are waiting to accompany you on your financial journey. You should also visit Our Services page to find out more about how we can help you.





Aisa International, s.r.o. trading as OpesFidelio is regulated by the Czech National Bank to act as an independent securities trader (MiFID) and also as an intermediary for Insurance within the EEA, and holds licences for Supplementary Pensions Savings and Consumer Credit.


The company’s Identification number is 282 24 981 and can be found in the web app at www.cnb.cz


Christopher Hall is a member of OpesFidelio network and further information is available upon request.


OpesFidelio and its Trademark are certification marks owned by Aisa Ltd who permit the use of this Trademark in the EU.




OpesFidelio has also been an International Adviser award-winning network over the past 5 years.

opesfidelio awards

And in 2022 swept the board of the major honours.

opesfidelio awards


Chris started his career with ‘Prudential’ in 1994 as a Tied Adviser. This limited him to only provide his clients with products that were made available by Prudential. He soon began to feel that his clients were receiving too little choice. Consequently, as soon as the opportunity emerged, he became an Independent Financial Adviser. The career move allowed Chris to immerse himself in the whole marketplace and offer his clients a more ‘personal shopper’ experience.  Here, he could define their needs and wants and look at the entire market space to ensure they were receiving the exact advice and product that they required. This bespoke service is at the core of the Galileo Wealth experience.

After a successful ten-year period in the United Kingdom, Chris’ career required a change of scenery.  It became necessary for him to move offshore to join market-leading companies across the world. From Brussels to Qatar, the Algarve and finally residing on the French Riviera. Chris has worked for the biggest, best and most innovative companies in the offshore market space.

Now, with over 25 years’ experience and qualified to Level 4 in the UK, Chris has established Galileo Wealth. He did this with the excellent support of OpesFidelio and Aisa International behind him. Galileo Wealth is the perfect home for his existing clients and a welcoming environment for new clients to invest and become part of a family unit where communication is the key and cornerstone to success!

Galileo’s mission is to inform, serve, protect, and grow your wealth. Chris can reach out and provide everything you could want from an offshore financial adviser, working solely on a fully transparent fee-based system where client outcomes are the number one priority.

Tel: +44 (0) 7875 685645
Email: chris@galileo-wealth.com


Maxi became involved in the tourism-focused industry (Tenerife, Canary Islands) at a very young age. Her passion for travel led her to relocate to London in September 2015 where she studied at the University of GreenwichHere, she obtained a BA Honours degree in International Business with French in May 2018.

Whilst studying, Maxi became involved in a variety of societies and schemes.  These included a Mentoring programme, which helped her realise she had a high level of aptitude for finance and aiding others to reach their goals.

Subsequently, she took part in the Erasmus scheme (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students). This gave her the opportunity to study for a year in the IPAG Business School in the South of France. Maxi then became involved in the financial advice industry and has been implicated in it ever since.

Alongside a high level of organisational and communication skills, plus being bilingual (English and Spanish) Maxi has the upper hand and a clear advantage over our competitors.  This is due to her expertise and experiences in both the Hospitality and Finance industries. Her consistent objective to help others reach their future goals is second to none, as she utilises her skills to assist clients and Galileo Wealth.

Tel: +34 639 227 117
Email: maxi@galileo-wealth.com